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 A special offer for you and for your Dental Practice

Would you like a boost in Dental Practice income with very little new overhead cost? Would you consider offering  expanded services to your patients if you were not caught in the middle if a new service case does not fit or if it fails? If your answer is "perhaps", then please read on.

      We are a Colorado-based Orthodontic Laboratory with over 27 years of real world experience. We have provided orthodontic services for General Dentistry Practices, Orthodontic Practices and other Dental Specialty Practices, both large and small, since our inception in February 1985.

 Outstanding warranty and satisfaction guarantee

  We warranty all our appliances that we fabricate for a full 6 months from date of our invoice against failure or breakage.

    This warranty is between you as a Dentist/client and Mountain Vista Ortho Lab . It is not a warranty between our lab and your patient-client. If any breakage or failure should happen to an appliance, we honor the warranty under the Terms & Conditions listed on this site. What you choose to work out with your patient-client is up to you.

    We offer a full 30 day, no fault product guarantee, from the date of our invoice.

    If for any reason you are unhappy with an appliance, other than the exclusions listed under the Terms & Conditions,  we will remake it free of charge within 30 days of the original invoice date.

Here is our current Mountain Vista Ortho Lab price list.

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We offer a wide variety of fixed appliances, such as the Single Arm Space Maintainer pictured above.

click on photo for larger view)

Invisible Retainer

We offer a wide variety of removable appliances, such as the Invisible Retainer pictured above.

(click on photo for larger view)