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About Mountain Vista Ortho Lab       

  Mountain Vista Ortho Lab has been in existence since February of 1985.  Our approach to appliance fabrication and our warrantee and guarantee have been tested over time and we firmly believe that they are fair to both the Lab and our Dentist Clients. These procedures of Mountain Vista Ortho have been developed over the past 27 years, in response to real life situations and challenges.

As a professional dental laboratory, we understand the need for fair pricing, consistency and timeliness. 

  • The same technicians work on the cases sent by you, as our work force is very stable.  We will create a design sheet for you as a Dentist-client, if you should wish.
  • We hold to a "five work day in the lab" schedule.  This information is important for you and us both. Only in extraordinary circumstances will this production schedule change.  In that event, we will inform you immediately when this change is necessary.

Who We Are

John Lacroix -  

 John Lacroix is the lead technician and Lab Manager of Mountain Vista Ortho Lab. John held a CDT in Orthodontics for 30 years. He voluntarily gave up his CDT starting designation this year. For a number of years, John also served as an National Board for Certification Examiner in all areas of Dental Technology. He has the highest respect for those who are current CDTs in any of the specialties.

 John has been involved in Dental Technology since 1974, when he was one of two people chosen from a field of over 200 candidates to participate in a Management/Technical Apprenticeship at Shaw Laboratories in Toronto, Canada.

For a period of two years, he wrote an Orthodontic technical column for the Colorado Dental Lab Association newsletter.


Jodi Lacroix -  

Jodi Lacroix is an experienced Orthodontic Dental Technician, as well as the lab Office Manager.  Jodi has worked in the lab since 1986, and shares technical duties with John on virtually all orthodontic appliances. 

Jodi has a Bachelor of Science degree in Advertising from the School of Journalism at Ohio University, and also an Associates Degree in Commercial Art from the American Academy of Art in Chicago, Illinois.

As our Office Manger, she would like you to contact her if you should have some questions about billing, scheduling or other related matters.