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class="auto-style139">Acrylic Colors

(All font colors are our best approximation of the acrylic colors as they really are. Your video card and monitor will display these colors to the best of their ability.)

Standard Semi-transparent Colors (no extra charge)

Clear, Clear Pink, Red, Yellow, Amber, Orange, Blue, Brilliant Blue, Purple, LightPurple, Green, Lime Green, Teal, Aqua, Brown

Metallic Glitter Sparkles added to a Standard Semi-transparent Color  ($5 extra charge)

Green, Purple, Blue, Red, Silver or Gold.

 Iris ( a mix of Green, Purple, Blue, Red, Silver  &  Gold ).

Neon Glow Semi-opaque colors ( $6 extra charge)

Glow Regular, Pink, Red, Yellow, Orange, Blue, Purple, Green, Teal.

Semi-opaque colors ( $6 extra charge)

Ocean Blue, Lava Red, Banana Yellow, Mango Orange, Paradise Pink, Tidewater Teal, Purple Sunset, Key Lime Green.

Opaque Colors ( $6 extra charge)

Black, White.

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