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Hawleys & Retainers

Hawley Retainer        Hawley Retainer

This is a standard maxillary Hawley appliance, with Adams clasps for retention. It can be made with full palatal coverage, as shown, or with a horseshoe palate.

It can fabricated as either an active or a passive appliance. The one pictured above is an active design. The labial wire is set in an ideal arch form and lingual springs can be used to align the teeth.

A passive design would have the labial wire contoured to touch the labial surfaces of the incisors. The passive design makes it a retainer, as it would be designed to hold or retain the teeth in position.

Hawley Wrap         Hawley Wrap

This is a maxillary Circumferential Retainer, sometimes referred to as a Hawley Wrap appliance. It can be made as an active or a passive appliance. The one above is active, as it has closing springs on the centrals, to help close a diastima.

Invisible Retainer        Invisible Retainer

This is an Invisible Retainer. It is fabricated from a .040" acrylic blank directly on to the master model, using a Biostar©  thermoforming machine. The adaptation and fit of the retainer are superb.


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