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Lingual Arches

We offer a number of different designs for Lingual Arches, both active and passive. Here are a few of our designs.

   Lingual Arch w/ Loops           Lingual Arch w/ Loops2

This is our default design, a mandibular Lingual Arch with adjustment loops mesial to the banded teeth. This form is easy to seat and easy to adjust. If no other design is sent to us for a Lingual Arch, we will use this one.

This design can also be used on the Maxillary arch. Extra care must be taken to ensure that there is enough anterior lingual space to accommodate the wire and that the lower anterior teeth do not contact the wire.

   Lingual Arch           Lingual Arch2

This is a traditional Lingual Arch. If a space mesial to a banded tooth closes, it can be very difficult to seat an appliance using this design, as there are no loops to adjust to compensate for the space closure.