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Removable Expanders & Distalization Appliances

We offer appliances, such as the Schwartz and the Nord for transverse expansion. We offer the Sagittal and Shamy for distalization. Below are some samples of expanders and distalizers.

  Schwartz        Schwartz2

This is a maxillary Schwartz with auxiliary closing springs on the laterals. It can be made in various forms, with and without auxiliaries.

Schwartz3        Schwartz4

This is another form of a maxillary Schwartz. It is fabricated with two transverse expansion screws. Some Dentists like this design for adult patients.

Sagittal        Sagittal2

This is a maxillary Sagittal appliance with auxiliary cuspid wires to aid in bringing the cuspids into proper arch position.

Sagittal3        Sagittal4

This is a mandibular Sagittal appliance. Unlike a maxillary appliance, it does not have occlusal coverage. While there can be a small amount of distalization attained with this appliance, generally the development is in the anterior segment of the arch.

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