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TPAs & Nances

A TPA (Trans Palatal Arch) is an ideal appliance to hold maxillary first molars in position without loss of space if premolars are lost prematurely. Here are some of our designs.

  TPA with Loop        TPA with Loop

Here is our default design for the TPA appliance, shown here with a midline omega loop.  The loop allows for minor contouring and adjustment of the appliance.

TPA        TPA

This is a TPA appliance without the omega loop. It is less easy to adjust if there is any tissue impingement after seating by the body wire.

A Nance is another good appliance to maintain maxillary arch length and first molar position.

Nance with Loops        Nance with Loops

This is a Nance with adjustment loops. It is our default Nance design.

Nance        Nance

This is a Nance without the adjustment loops. If the acrylic button is not making good contact with the soft tissue, it is difficult to adjust, due to the lack of adjustment loops.

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